Achieved is the Glorious Work . . . for Trombones

 “Achieved is the Glorious Work” is a sublime work by Franz Joseph Haydn which has been arranged for trombone quartet.

God Creates the Trombone

It is the perfect “theme song” for this announcement, so, please take a few minutes to listen to a good recording at this page (one of many, so if the link doesn’t work, search for the song title and you are sure to find a trombone quartet recording).

With that playing in the background, is excited to announce that arrangements of the Christmas hymns for Trombone are on the website and ready for download!  Please visit our new Trombone Arrangements page and see what is there.

Our resident graphic artist thinks highly of the trombone . . . if you couldn’t tell.

Oh, and, should any of you want this artwork on a T-shirt, please let us know via our Contact page.  Given enough interest, we’ll get the Sales monkey to make it happen!