America the Beautiful

It is now one week away from Independence Day here in America and our music monkeys are no longer motivated by extra bananas . . . they are becoming irritated and if we push them too much more, they will become belligerent.

BUT the good news is that they were able to complete hymn #338, America the Beautiful, just in time.  We are happy to offer duets of this hymn for our typical instruments.  Now is a great time to download a duet and prepare for any Ward or Stake 4th of July activity or program.

Don’t forget My Country, ‘Tis of Thee and the Star-Spangled Banner, also available.

Some of us on the staff at have had opportunity to travel this vast country and we have seen some spectacular sights; from the sun rise on Myrtle Beach to the sun set on La Jolla Beach; to hiking in the Rockies and Cascades; and walking the banks of the Mississippi.  How do you sum up this beautiful country?