Awake and Arise Hymns Bundle is excited to announce a new bundle of hymns; all with themes involving Awaking, Arising, and admiring the glory in a new, blessed day.

Hymns in this bundle include:

  • Hymn 1, The Morning Breaks
  • Hymn 11, What Was Witnessed in the Heavens
  • Hymn 17, Awake, Ye Saints of God, Awake!
  • Hymn 40, Arise, O Glorious Zion
  • Hymn 41, Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise
  • Hymn 52, The Day Dawn is Breaking
  • Hymn 61, Raise Your Voices to the Lord
  • Hymn 67, Glory to God on High

So Awake, Arise, and as always, Happy Practicing!

Get to the Music!

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I Descant Believe we don’t have any Medleys!

Bandhymns is excited to announce that we have ourselves a summer intern!

Now we need YOUR help to keep her busy!  Our intern loves writing descants and medleys … SO … send in suggestions on medleys of hymns you would like to play, and hymns that you think need a descant.

Go to our Contact Us page and leave your suggestions there.  You can also comment on facebook, twitter, and instagram (@bandhymns).