Awake and Arise Hymns Bundle is excited to announce a new bundle of hymns; all with themes involving Awaking, Arising, and admiring the glory in a new, blessed day.

Hymns in this bundle include:

  • Hymn 1, The Morning Breaks
  • Hymn 11, What Was Witnessed in the Heavens
  • Hymn 17, Awake, Ye Saints of God, Awake!
  • Hymn 40, Arise, O Glorious Zion
  • Hymn 41, Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise
  • Hymn 52, The Day Dawn is Breaking
  • Hymn 61, Raise Your Voices to the Lord
  • Hymn 67, Glory to God on High

So Awake, Arise, and as always, Happy Practicing!

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A new category of music: Ensembles!

Everyone here at is excited to announce the arrival of arrangements for ensembles!  Whether you play in a Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Choir or Group, we plan to have hymn music for you.

Our inaugural offering is small, but with lots of room to grow.  We have a collection of three hymns for a brass quartet consisting of two B-flat trumpets, french horn, and trombone or euphonium (bass clef).

The collection is called Come and Praise (3 hymns) and is available for download now!  Click here for the product page.

Patriotic Pioneers Hymns is mormon_handcart_statueexcited to announce a set of hymns perfect for the month of July in America.  Celebrate Independence Day (July 4) and Pioneer Day (July 24) with this compilation.  Although the pioneer trek to Utah occurred in America, there have been millions of pioneers to the Gospel across the world who can share in the heritage of these hymns.


Hymns in this Compilation:

  • Hymn 30 – Come, Come, Ye Saints
  • Hymn 34 – O Ye Mountains High
  • Hymn 35 – For the Strength of the Hills
  • Hymn 36 – They, the Builders of the Nation
  • Hymn 60 – Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • Hymn 254 – True to the Faith
  • Hymn 338 – America the Beautiful
  • Hymn 339 – My Country, ‘Tis of Thee
  • Hymn 340 – The Star-Stangled Banner

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Men of God Hymn Compilation and staff is excited to announce the

Men of God

Hymn Compilation for all available band instruments!

  • Hymn 26 – Joseph Smith’s First Prayer
  • Hymn 27 – Praise to the Man
  • Hymn 29 – A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief
  • Hymn 85 – How Firm a Foundation
  • Hymn 319 – Ye Elders of Israel
  • Hymn 324 – Rise Up, O Men of God

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