Music for General Conference 2014

 A Compilation of Music Inspired by General ConferenceLDS_Conference_Center_interior_panoramic

The staff here at look forward to General Conference weekend because of the inspirational messages from Church leaders, the wonderful choral arrangements, and the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.  But it is a guilty little pleasure for all of us to call it “Jammie Church”, especially on Sunday!  We admit it – it’s really nice to lounge around on the couch and participate in the church meeting.

But what do you do with the 2-hour break between sessions?  PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENTS, of course!  So we are excited to announce a new compilation of Duet arrangements inspired by a “General Conference” theme for 2014.

Compilations are ready to download now for all our typical instruments.  Click on your instrument and look at the top for the Duet Compilation list.  This really is the best value and we hope you enjoy the set we’ve compiled.

Here’s the list of Hymns in the “General Conference Compilation 2014”:

  • #2 – The Spirit of God
  • #5 – High on a Mountain Top
  • #13 – An Angel from on High
  • #19 – We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet
  • #83 – Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah
  • #152 – God Be With You Til We Meet Again
  • #249 – Called to Serve
  • #258 – O Thou Rock of Our Salvation.

Happy Conference!