Gimme Gimme – Everyone Loves Freebies

Everyone loves getting something for free.  It’s why kids love to go trick-or-treating.  Who doesn’t like walking up to a stranger’s door, saying three words, and then getting free candy?  Or what about going to the mall or a warehouse store to get a free sample?

We agree and so we are happy to announce a couple freebies for you to download and see exactly what we offer here at

Click on our “Freebies” page to see what’s there and download both a duet or complete score plus parts.  This will show you exactly what our product is so you know what you are getting if you decide to buy more.
Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas from

Hazzah! The store is open! is excited to announce:

We are open for business!


Arrangements of the Christmas hymns for treble clef B-flat instruments are now available for purchase.  Click here to see what’s available right now!

We’re starting out small with only a few hymns, but our minions are hard at work to build a complete library of arrangements for all the typical band instruments.  Stay tuned here for announcements of new arrangements as soon as they become available.

And THANKS for visiting!

How to Fix the and Get Logged Into Your Router

Whether you’re making an attempt to access your wireless router setup for the primary time or simply making an attempt to look at your current Wi-Fi watchword from a previous setup, you’ll have to be compelled to access the routers body console. typically the admin console is mentioned because the routers hidden page.

If you’ll be able to not reach the login page, it should flow from to:

getting into the science address incorrectly
associate ip address IP Login issues on the pc.
A hardwired affiliation configuration issue or a nasty coax cable
a difficulty with the wireless router itself

If you’re able to reach the login page however can’t get past the login page, i’ll cowl that still.
Possible fast Fixes

First, before longing all kinds of technical stuff, lets check the fundamentals.

The first factor you would like to form positive is that the pc you’re mistreatment is hardwired on to the router. certify the local area network or network cable is firmly snapped into not solely the pc however conjointly into a numbered port on the rear of the router.

One of the fastest and best fixes is acting an influence cycle. Power athletics refers to removing the ability from the router, waiting a couple of seconds, then plugging the ability back in.

Of course you must be obtaining some lights on the front of the router otherwise you will be observing associate receptacle drawback or a burned-out router. It ought to conjointly lightweight associate crystal rectifier indicating the port variety the pc is presently connected to. The crystal rectifier is sometimes on the front of the router however might be on the port outlet itself. Still not sure? Check wherever the cable plugs into back of the pc and it ought to have a crystal rectifier lightweight at the cable outlet still.

If you have got lights on the router however not lights for the cable obstructed within the numbered spot, strive another numbered spot or strive another cable. haven’t got another cable, strive flip-flopping the wire so the pc finish goes within the 192.168.l.l cisco router login and therefore the router finish into the pc. though each ends of the cable ar identical, I even have seen wherever one finish can create a affiliation in one device however not another.

Still no light? Check to visualize if there’s over one local area network affiliation on the pc. usually desktop computers could have 2 network cards put in, the one integrated on the motherboard associated one which will are an upgrade to the on-board affiliation. If so, strive the opposite affiliation.

Hello World! is here!

bflat_party_hatsWe are excited to announce the launch of!  It was time to hatch this idea and get it online.  We are planning some big changes over the next several months as we tweak the website and streamline the payment and downloading process.

To start things off with a bang, we’ve got Christmas hymn arrangments for B-flat instruments ready to download.  This will start the ball rolling.  More Christmas hymn arrangements for other instruments are on their way!  The plan is to them move onto hymns about Joseph Smith for his birthday.  Remember to check back!