Adapted by Big Daddy Bach

Johann_Sebastian_BachOur music minions approached Hymn #197, O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown, with a fair amount of gravitas and reverence.  This is because Hymn #197 is one of the few songs in the LDS hymnal which is a bit more technical and musical.  We like those songs best!

O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown is attributed to Hans Leo Hassler, 1564–1612, but was adapted by J. S. Bach, 1685–1750, in his St. Matthew Passion.  The passion contains some beautiful melodies and variations on the theme we hear in Hymn #197.  Check out the wikipedia article about it.  Also, check out the choral album titled “Morimur” by the Hilliard Ensemble.

We’re excited to offer it as part of our library!  Download it and give it a try.  The arrangement is in a difficult key and it’s more difficult to play than other hymns.  It sounds awesome as a quartet!

33 is the Magic Number!

33_magic_fluteHere at, we officially have No Agenda . . . In the Morning, we love to listen to Dvorak and chew on Curry every Thursday (and sometimes on Sundays).  And often we think that the number 33 is special somehow . . . a magic number.

And so we are pleased to note that our music minions have finally reached 33 hymns, that magic number of available songs on the site, with the addition of hymn #69, All Glory, Laud, and Honor, and hymn #136, I Know That My Redeemer Lives.

To quote Napoleon’s friend Pedro, “[Download all 33], and all your wildest dreams will come true.”

P.S. If you get all the references in this post, we’d love to hear about it.

Risen Today to Do Good

 One of our staff just got back from a funeral and has been a little introspective about life.  Funerals can do that.  Everyone here at takes great comfort in the Gift of the Resurrection.  We’re happy to note that Hymn #200, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today, is available now for download in time for Easter.

 Given our introspective mood, it seemed inspirational that Craig (Hi Craig!) contacted us about a particular hymn, Have I Done Any Good?  What better way is there to get through sad times than to do good and help others?  We’re happy to announce that the music minions have rushed to complete Hymn #223, also available now for download.  This one has always seemed a little “old timey” to us, so here’s a picture of an old timey band.


Praise to the Risen!

Clipart_Praise_arms_raisedTwo hymns are ready for download, recently added to the music pages.  Both are favorites of the team beginning with Hymn #72 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.  This is a favorite because it’s an older hymn and a memorable one.

The second hymn to announce is Hymn #199, He Is Risen!  This is an Easter hymn and a very uplifting tune.  This one is special to one of our team members due to a recent loss in the family.  What a precious and uplifting message that because the Savior has risen, we all will be resurrected too.

Go to the “Get to the Music” page to download this sheet music for your instrument.

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[full-related slug1=”dns_probe_finished_no_internet” slug2=”fix-dns_probe_finished_nxdomain-error”]

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Til We Meet . . .

footprints_in_the_sand_op_493x600One of our music minions is feeling alone – someone very important to him isn’t with him now.  He went ahead and completed arrangements for all our current instruments of Hymn #152, God Be with You Til We Meet Again.

Our sales monkey knows the feeling and we decided to give this one away as a freebie in hopes someone else out there might find value in it.  Playing music can be a wonderfully soothing distraction.

Please go to our Freebies! page and download the sheet music for your instrument, either the single-page duet or the full score plus parts.  Mix and match or whatever.  This will show you what all the other hymns we offer are like and what to expect, should you decide to get some more.

Onward! But don’t forget your instrument.

armor of god With the Armor of God and a hymn in your heart, all you need is your instrument to play Onward.  The music minions have finished a great hymn to help inspire you.  We are happy to post Hymn #246, Onward, Christian Soldiers for all available instruments, both duet arrangements and complete score plus parts.

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Similar to Hymn #85, the duet part is not a direct transcription of only one of the accompanying parts with the melody.  Rather, to capture some of the unique characteristics of the hymn, the accompanying part is a mix of some of parts, 2, 3, and 4.  Because of this, coupled with the key, the music is a bit more difficult.

Credit for this posts artwork goes to an article in the New Era.  Here is the link.

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