Router Admin Login

The IP is a private internet protocol address, which is often utilised by routers as their Default Gateway, allowing users to gain access to the device’s control panel. From there, an authorised user can adjust various router settings or network options, optimising their private network.

When this is the Default Gateway, devices connected to the router via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable will usually be allocated a similar IP address, such as 192.168.1.x, with the ‘x’ being replaced by another number. The most common router IP address is

The IP address is most commonly seen with home networks, especially with Aztech, Motorola and CenturyLink routers. Login.

How to Log In to My Router Control Panel via the Default Gateway.

To access the router login screen, assuming that is your Default Gateway IP address, you should use a device that is currently connected to the router, either through a Wi-Fi connection, or via an Ethernet cable.

Then, simply launch the web browser of your choice on the device, type: into the address bar and press the ‘Enter’ button. You should not add “www.” to the beginning of the address and, similarly, you should avoid including any suffix, such as “.com” or “.net” too.

You should then see a login box, where you need to enter your username and password. Once you have done this, press ‘Enter’ and you should gain access to the control panel for the router. This process should work on all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, but if it does not, try a different browser.

I Have Forgotten My Router Admin Username and Password – How Do I Find or Reset Them?

If you are unsure of the username and password required to gain access to your router’s control panel, and you do not remember setting one manually, it is quite likely that the router is still using the default login credentials. In most cases, the username and password will be written on a sticker in the device itself, or contained in the instructions.

This may not always be the case, however. It may also be that you have lost the instructions booklet, or the sticker on the router has been removed. In this situation, a Google search for your router model, plus the words “default gateway username and password” will often be able to find the right credentials.

Alternatively, you could try using some of the most frequently seen username and password combinations. We have compiled a list of these further down the page, but this will require some trial and error.

For users who have manually changed their username and password, but have since forgotten their credentials, the best solution is to perform a factory reset on the router itself. This will return the router to its default settings and although you may need to configure it again, it will reset the username and password as well.

The precise process for performing the factory reset will vary from one router to the next. However, the most common method is to press a small pin-sized button and hold it in for around 10 seconds.

From there, you can simply follow the instructions provided above to log in to the control panel.